All competitors must compete in the highest belt level division he/she has earned.


Each competitor must present him/herself to the referee with proper uniform and equipment and prepared to compete. If competitor is not ready, he/she can be penalized or disqualified.

Competitors Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the competitor to know the rules and be ready for competition when called to do so. If the competitor is not at his/her ring ready to compete when competition begins, he/she will not be able to compete. If a competitor leaves the ring after the competition begins and is not present when his/her name is called to compete, that competitors name will be called three times. If he/she is still not present to compete, he/she will be disqualified.


All competitors must wear a complete (top and bottom) uniform. The appropriate color belt or sash must be worn in competition. No T-shirts, sweats, tank tops or shoes are allowed in the sparring divisions. T-shirts, sweats, tank tops or shoes are allowed in forms and weapons, if they are part of the competitors official school uniform. Removal of the uniform top is allowed if the removal is considered relevant to the artistic expression or safety of the competitor.

Safety Equipment

Naska approved headgear, handpads, footpads and mouth pieces are mandatory for all competitors in sparring divisions. Chest protectors are encouraged, but not mandatory.

Late Entries

Once a division has started (first competitor has started his/her form or weapon routine or the first divisional fight has started) no competitor(s) can be added to that division.


A competitor has the right to protest any infraction of the rules or if any mistake was made (not a judgment call). All protests must be made immediately. If a competitor wishes to protest he/she must first let the referee know that an infraction of the rules or mistake has been made. The referee will first attempt to settle the matter; if he/she cannot, he/she will summon the arbitrator to the ring to render a decision.

Self Defense

Each competitor will have a two minute time limit to perform his/her complete self defense. Under rank competitors are not allowed to use any weapons. Each competitor is required to demonstrate three to five different defenses, against different attacks. Each defense must be done separately (one at a time) at regular speed, then all three defenses in sequence at full speed. Same requirements for Beg/Inter and Adv. Competitors must have assistance (partners) ready when called to compete.



One minute running time and total points. If a match is tied at the end of the one minute, sudden victory (first person to score a point) overtime period will determine the match. All legal hand techniques will be awarded one (1) point. All legal kicking techniques will be awarded two (2) points. Penalty points that are awarded are worth (1) point each. The competitor with the most points at the end of the one minute is declared the winner, or the match ends if a person is ahead by 7 point difference. Points are awarded by a majority vote of all judges. A point is a controlled legal sport karate techniques scored by a competitor in bounds, without time being called.

Black Belt Grand Champion match is two rounds of two minutes each. The competitor with the most points after second round is declared Grand Champion.


Sparring Superfight

This sponsored event is by invitation only! Three, two minute rounds of point fighting. All legal hand techniques will be scored as one point. All legal kicks will be scored as two points. Each of the first two rounds will be scored separately. Each competitor’s high score from the first two rounds will not count. Any points awarded in the third and final round will be added to the lowest score of the first two rounds for your total point score. Winner after three rounds will be awarded a $1000.00 cash prize!!




Under ranks are required to demonstrate three to five different board breaks. Competitors are allowed two attempts per break. Black Belt are required five (5) different breaks.

Disabled Forms & Weapons

Competitors are allowed to compete in either weapons or forms. Each competitor will have five minutes to complete his/her weapon or form. Competitors are allowed any assistance needed and will be judged on the overall performance.



No coaching on the competition floor! Instructors and spectators can encourage competitors from outside the ring floor.
No Exceptions!



  • Youth Under Black Belt Weapons Grand Champion
  • Youth Under Black Belt Forms Grand Champion
  • Youth Black Belt Weapons Grand Champion
  • Youth Black Belt Forms Grand Champion
  • Adult Black Belt Overall Forms Grand Champion ($200)
  • Adult Black Belt Overall Weapons Grand Champion ($200)
  • Adult Black Belt Men’s Sparring Grand Champion ($200)
  • Adult Black Belt Women’s Sparring Grand Champion ($200)


All Championship divisions must have competition to be awarded cash prize!

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