Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts

Similarly to the MMA, Filipino techniques use and an all-round set of both offense and defense techniques.

Though, the differences are vast too. Based on the mix of ancient Philippine martial art and the newer Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian ones, the Filipino school has 3 main branches: Arnis, Eskrima, and Kali.

The big part of Filipino style lies within its adaptability to circumstances and its wide usage of basically any objects as either a weapon or a force multiplier.

This martial arts class focuses on the following methods and positions:
  • Escrima(Here the main focus lies within fighting using sticks and knives…)
  • Arnis(Is yet another form of an offense-based usage of sticks, blades, and objects)
  • Kali(Out of those 3 styles, Kali is mostly taught for self-defense and it has the widest set of battle strategies and tactics)

Classes Pricing:

  • 1 – 5 sessions per month     $69.00
  • 5 – 15 sessions per month     $59.00
  • 15 – 30 sessions per month     $49.00


As a marine and a Lance Corporal of his platoon, Dirk has always been involved in the world of martial arts… Starting with the Karate and Jiu-jitsu, finishing with Taekwondo and the old British style of Bartitsu, he’s been practicing this or another kind of a fighting exercise since he was 13 years old. Eventually, after retiring from the US army, Dirk began his life-long fascination with the MMA and Filipino styles, which ultimately landed him a position as an instructor at our school. He’s known among our apprentices as “the seaman”, and he has the highest percentage of his students becoming semi-pro fighters…

Reasons that make people sign up for a martial arts class can vary

Maybe you want to learn a few self-defense tricks, living in such a hectic city as New York?

See the Pictures our Instructors & Students Have Taken During the Recent Classes…